Emiel Steegh

A few bits of me in an ocean of bytes.


Emiel Steegh

Amsterdam, NL

I was born in a rural part of Limburg. I’m passionate about data, NLP, and complex problems. I work as a Machine Learning Engineer at VodafoneZiggo. On the side I like (among many things) building silly projects, repairing stuff, running, reading and the occasional creative outlet like printing stuff or designing things.

I am a graduated Master in Data Science from the University of Amsterdam, with a Bachelor in Creative Technology from the University of Twente, where I learned all about rapid prototyping and bridging the gap between engineering, business and the real world. I really enjoy working with AI to improve our world.

I run my own small business, I have worked as a freelancer, back-end developer, I like tinkering with code-projects for fun, even worked as a wedding photographer, and most proudly as teaching assistant; I love to share knowledge! During my time at the University of Twente I spent a full-time year as secretary of the board of Study Association Proto.

If you want to have a chat, coffee, beer or whisky you can reach through any of the icons at the bottom of this page!


Sep 20, 2023 I’m in a book now 📚! After some hard work, a great deal of support by Giovanni Sileno and a presentation at the University of Minho in Braga, my paper got published in ACM ICAIL ‘23. What an experience :).
Sep 1, 2023 I landed at VodafoneZiggo 🛰️ as Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer! I’m super stoked to work with the amazing people in the Advanced Analytics team.
Oct 20, 2022 I officially graduated from the Master’s Data Science finishing with a 8.6/10 GPA. Hurrah, cum laude! ☺️. I obtained a 9/10 for my thesis on NLP with active learning for classification in a low-resource language setting. As a next step we’re looking to publish a paper from the works.
Aug 23, 2022 I am taking a few months to travel around Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia with my girlfriend. 🌏 I’m looking forward to seeing more of the world, meeting new people and learning how to scuba dive!
Feb 1, 2022 I am glad to announce that I started my Master’s thesis at the municipality of Amsterdam’s Data Science Team 🎊! For the next half year I will be working with pre trained language models and active learning to help tackle a low resource document problem. I’m very stoked to work with all the amazing people here, under the guidance of Giovanni Sileno.