Courses I helped teach.

I have been a teaching assistant during my Master’s for the following Information Studies course at the University of Amsterdam:

  • Applied Machine Learning 5072TOML6Y (2022)

And I was a teaching assistant for these courses while I was in my Bachelor’s at the University of Twente:

  • Data Driven Applications 201900315 (2020)
  • Artificial Intelligence 202000993 (2020, 2019)
  • Introduction to Computer Science 201900956 (2019)
  • Programming and Physical Computing 201800177 (2018, 2019)
  • Algorithms for Creative Technology 201800975 (2018)

For these courses I lead Q&A sessions and workcolleges, I participated in developping the courses, assisted during lectures and tutorials and was a proactive at helping students as I could be. The topics of these courses covered topics as programming, data structures, machine learning, electrical engineering, some calculus and statistics, and more. Other than this I coached a few students one-on-one.